Everyday life choreography

Konzept, Kamera

Mandy Unger


Ligia Vieira, Senem Oluz, Nannette Schröter, David Kummer, Theresa Rothe, Mandy Unger


Mandy Unger (mix: Mandy Unger, Abe Monk, Bauhaus)


Nannette Schröter

Porto 2012; Istanbul 2012; Erfurt 2013; Schweiz 2014; Berlin 2015; Kopenhagen 2015; New York 2017

Umsetzung: In der Serie „Everyday life choreographies“, einer Form von urbanen Tanz-Tagebüchern, entstanden im Zeitraum von fünf Jahren TänzerInnen-Porträts in verschiedenen Städten Europas. Ein Sammelsurium an Körpern, Bewegung und stiller Urbanität vereint die Tanzbilder.

Istanbul: "During my stay in Istanbul i met Senem. She is a turkish choreographer and dancer. We created movement sequences, based on my observations of Istanbul. She performed on 26th july, on three different places in Istanbul. I'd like to continue the work of Porto - finding everyday life choreographies of different cultures. observations short: city speed, noise goes up and down, you know the direction, follow, only forward, never backward, rush, fight against machines, if you pause/still stand you are lost, mechanic feed, hold your head, hide your head, kiss your shoulder, How to become faster? metro walk, roll, walk, walk forward, into the deep, tempo monotony, the environment moves, but not me, i am moving, but the environment does not, Perspective! poverty sitting on the wall, body is closed, feelings are dead, sitting on the wall, waiting for help, body is dead, sitting on the wall, starring into space, toughts are sad."

Porto: "The performance of Ligia is based on an analysis of urban movement in relation to dance choreographies. Ligia developed out of my city observations in Porto three different choreographies. I transformed the urban movement into language, which were used by Ligia."